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Cleveland, Ohio


Echo System Partners works with organizations to co-create workplaces that inspire high levels of employee engagement tapping into individual greatness for organizational good.

Organizations that work with Echo discover exactly how their people are the secret to their success and they build action plans to secure this competitive advantage.

Echo’s approach is collaborative. With thorough understanding of an organization's goals and success drivers, we tailor customized engagements that will yield measurable results.  We blend a wealth of experiences, research, and knowledge to create actions that will bring your strategic vision to life.

Echo's Blog

A blog that provides snapshots of key ideas that inspire organization growth. 

One idea: Focus on a basic concept. (Explore complex concepts in white papers.)

Short but Useful: Practical insights and ideas that can be quickly implemented.

Engaging: Quick and entertaining.

Thought Provoking: Generate resourceful thought.

Inspire: What works in organizations. 

About our Blog

Regina Loiko

At first I was reluctant to blog because there are so many messages in the blogosphere and I wondered who is reading all of this information and what value does it bring. Then one Sunday morning in that sweet and rare space between waking up and getting out of bed I was thinking about a message I delivered to a client and I thought that message may provoke thought in others…perhaps there would be value in blogging about it. So I got up, made a cup of tea, sat outside, and drafted the first blog.

To run a thriving organization is a complex adventure. There are libraries written on the subject that keep leaders advancing. Yet, today’s demands may only allow for one to two good business reads a year and this is supplemented by well written blogs and articles.  In this blog we will keep this in mind and work to provide quality information that is easy to absorb. 

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