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Cleveland, Ohio


Echo System Partners works with organizations to co-create workplaces that inspire high levels of employee engagement tapping into individual greatness for organizational good.

Organizations that work with Echo discover exactly how their people are the secret to their success and they build action plans to secure this competitive advantage.

Echo’s approach is collaborative. With thorough understanding of an organization's goals and success drivers, we tailor customized engagements that will yield measurable results.  We blend a wealth of experiences, research, and knowledge to create actions that will bring your strategic vision to life.


Non-Profit/Case Study

People that work in the non-profit industry are mission driven. When they recognize how their contributions positively impact their organization and the people they serve they contribute more. Echo works with non-profits to center paid and un-paid (volunteers) staff around the specific actions, processes, and practices that will sustain the organization and bring its mission to life today and into the future. 

Client Engagement Profile

The Alzheimer’s Association Cleveland Area Chapter


Project Title

The End of Alzheimer’s Starts with Me

Project Purpose

Traditionally the Alzheimer’s chapter boards were grassroots boards where the members worked to alleviate the suffering of those afflicted with Alzheimer’s and their loved ones. As the organization grows the board dynamic is changing from local grassroots initiatives to community recognized activists that are invested in the national agenda of finding a cure for Alzheimer’s. With this change the chapter-level strategic planning is done on a national basis and the board members implement a plan they did not have input on creating.  Echo collaborated with Alzheimer’s Association to help board members take ownership of the nationally created strategic plan and actively engage in its implementation.

Project Approach

Select influential board members and staff were organized to plan a day-long board summit using an Appreciative Inquiry approach to guide all board and staff members to discover, dream, design, and deliver plans for successful execution of their strategic plan. 

Outcomes Achieved

  • Board members understand how they crucially contribute to the growth and success of the organization. 
  • Board and staff members recommitted with pride to Chapter success.
  • New alliances developed among board members and between board members and staff.


  • Board members have clarity around the need for increased funding and awareness development .
  • Board members are committed to goals that deliver the strategic plan.


Value of Outcomes

  • Commitment to increase fundraising income by 8%. 
  • Organized as a community with a laser focus on finding a cure.
  • Attracting new board members specifically from associated research and healthcare fields. 

Quote from Client

Executive Director Nancy Udelson: "Our board and staff found this engagement to be an exciting, positive experience. It will more clearly focus board initiatives for the next few years"  

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