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Cleveland, Ohio


Echo System Partners works with organizations to co-create workplaces that inspire high levels of employee engagement tapping into individual greatness for organizational good.

Organizations that work with Echo discover exactly how their people are the secret to their success and they build action plans to secure this competitive advantage.

Echo’s approach is collaborative. With thorough understanding of an organization's goals and success drivers, we tailor customized engagements that will yield measurable results.  We blend a wealth of experiences, research, and knowledge to create actions that will bring your strategic vision to life.


Entrepreneurial Companies/Case Study

People in entrepreneurial companies are driven to master their unique skill sets. They enjoy an environment where they can strengthen their own professional skills and help others to advance their skills. They want to know how they regularly contribute value to their organization and how they are valued by the organization. Echo works with these companies to inspire individual greatness, to create environments where all team members are happily engaged and appreciated. As a result the employees are instrumental to attracting new talent and growing clients.

Client Engagement Profile

Americhem, Inc.


Project Title

Advance Performance Management


Project Purpose

Americhem is a strong multinational company with an aggressive yet valid growth plan.  The company’s leadership recognizes that effective performance management and people development is essential to attain its growth goals. To facilitate this they invested in helping their mid-level leaders to advance their skills in these areas.

Project Approach

Mid-level leaders participated in one-to-one coaching, small group coaching, and large group workshops to explore how to advance performance management and people development from a once-a-year event to a daily part of their leadership style.

Outcomes Achieved

  • Leaders embrace the value of performance management and skillfully deliver it to elevate individuals, their departments, and the company.

  • Leaders own the outcomes of effective performance management and people development. They recognize that they are responsible for more than the tasks associated with employee reviews.


  • Employees clearly understand the expectations of their roles and are aware of how they contribute to the company's growth.  

  • Employees are invested in development practices that will help them to grow with the company. 

Value of Outcomes

  • Increased employee retention and engagement levels. 

  • Departments and individuals actively contribute to the achievement of  company goals. 
  • Crucial conversations are conducted sooner so that situations do not evolve into problems that alienate employees and detract from quality efficient  production.

Quote from Client

Vice President of Operations and Development Cathy Hanlin:Our leaders are evolving. They explore the demanding aspects of managing people and implement what was learned in real life situations. “

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